Welcome to Allergy Dog Central

Welcome to Allergy Dog Central – a site dedicated to dog allergies.  If you’re here, you probably have a dog who is exhibiting allergy symptoms.  Maybe they have itchy skin, digestion problems, raw paws, sores, bald patches, etc..  You and your dog are not alone.  There are thousands of other dog owners who are trying to manage their dog’s allergies too.

We’ll discuss symptoms, causes and treatments.  Please feel free to join in and share what you’ve learned.  I’ve learned a lot about dog allergies, but I’m certain I’ve only skimmed the top of the surface.  One thing I’ve learned in my experience with dog allergies is that no two dogs are the same – therefore no two treatments are the same.  What works well for one dog, may be the wrong treatment for another. With this in mind, I hope you’ll continue to consult with your veterinarian as you decide what your best plan of action will be.

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