Dog Allergy Causes. Air Fresheners and Cleaning Products.

Cleaning ProductsAs you clean you home to eliminate dust and other allergens, you could be causing more harm than good.  Perfumes and chemicals found in air fresheners and cleaning products can often trigger allergic reactions in sensitive dogs.

Many cleaning products today, like dust cleaners, and bathroom and kitchen cleaners, come in aerosol cans or sprays which make it easier to cover large surfaces.  Unfortunately, these sprays are also good at sending chemicals into the air, which can then be inhaled by you and your pets.

Laundry detergents and dryer sheets also contain dyes and perfumes which can harm allergy-prone dogs.  These chemicals can be particularly bothersome if you wash your dog’s bedding – since your pup will be lying directly on these allergen-rich fabrics.

If your dog is itchy year round, particularly after a house cleaning session, you may want to consider changing your cleaning products to those which are more allergy-friendly.  We’ll discuss more allergy-safe cleaning options in our Allergy Treatments section.

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  1. BEWARE of air fresheners. My French bulldog came out in hives and lumps, he was really bad. We whittled it down to the new air freshener we got for the bathroom, it was a sense & spray (Glade) the fragrance was “Homemade biscuit delight” luckily we sussed this out as it was a severe reaction. We now don’t use any air fresheners.

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