Dog Allergy Treatments. Stay Indoors During High Pollen Count Days.

Dog pollenIf your dog exhibits allergy symptoms during spring months, there’s a high chance that it may be allergic to pollen.  Although it’s impossible to completely eliminate pollen from your dog’s life, you can pay attention to the weather report and make plans to stay indoors during high pollen count days.

A pollen count measures the numbers of grains of pollen in a cubic meter for a particular geographical area.  The higher the pollen count numbers get, the greater the allergic reaction.  These counts tend to be highest on warm, dry days.  Most weather channels and web sites display a current pollen count.  You can also visit the website for a current pollen count around the United States.

When pollen counts are at their highest, it’s recommended that you keep your dog indoors (other than for bathroom breaks) and use air conditioning rather than leaving windows open.  Pollen can also be tracked in on shoes and paws.  You family should wipe your feet and/or remove your shoes when coming in from outside.  All of your family pets should have their feet wiped with a damp cloth when coming indoors – even those who don’t have allergies.  These steps will minimize the amount of pollen that will find its way into your home.

You won’t be able to completely avoid pollen, but these steps can help to minimize your dog’s exposure to the allergen and keep your pet more comfortable during allergy season.

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