Dog Allergy Treatments. Wash Bedding & Fabrics in Hot Water.

washing machineIn the last post, I reviewed the benefits of dust mite covers.  Although dust mite covers are an excellent way to prevent dust mites from living in your mattress and pillows, you should also plan to regularly wash bedding and other fabrics to prevent these creatures from invading your bedding and furniture.

It is recommended that you wash your bedding – including comforters and bed spreads once a week in hot water.  The hot water will kill any dust mites and the regular washing will eliminate the presence of dead skin cells (what dust mites live on) in your bedding.  Regular washing can also rid your fabrics of other air-traveling allergens like pollen.

In addition to your own bedding, don’t forget to wash your dog’s bedding each week as well.  This includes dog beds.  When you shop for dog beds, look for a model that can fit in your washer and dryer and use hot water when washing.

Be sure to regularly wash and slip covers or throw rugs as well. Virtually all fabrics in your home can attract dust mites and other allergens.  Although it may seem time consuming, the time you spend washing these items will save you time that would otherwise be spent at the vets office or administering allergy treatments.

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