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Thanks for visiting Allergy Dog Central.  I’m Kathy, the lead writer for this site. I am not a veterinarian and would never claim to be one. I am simply a dog owner who has a very allergic dog.

My boxer dog, Elsie started to exhibit allergy symptoms when she was a puppy. By the time she was two years old, my family was spending over $2,000 a year on allergy treatments and vet visits.  We were spending money like crazy yet her health was continuing to deteriorate.  Faced with the possibility of not being able to afford our dog, I took to the Internet and tried to figure out how we could “fix” our sick dog.

Elsie - My Allergy Dog.

After much trial and error and the help of a great Veterinary Dermatologist, Elsie is finally living a normal dog life – and our finances have been saved!  Since no two dogs are the same, I wanted to share what I know and continue to learn from others.  Although there is no magic solution for dog allergies, there are ways to keep them under control.

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P.S.   Please consult with your veterinarian before making any changes in your dog’s diet or medical treatments.

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  1. Just wondering if anyone has had a dog with a constant cough, thick mucous from the nose and greenish in color at times and a red sore throat. So far we have done two rounds of antibiotics and steroids which help while she is on them but then it comes right back. She is a little past a year and is an Alaskan Malimute. We tried given her benadryl tabs,once the sore throat was gone, on a regular basis but it did not keep it at bay. We have not her allergy tested as yet and she is an outside dog in southern Missouri.

  2. My dog has a cyst between her shoulders and doesn’t tolerate her allergy shots there very well at all. Is it okay to give the shot on the loose skin on her rump?

  3. My vet once said that in his twenty five years of practice he had never seen a dog with such a bad allergy as mine. My dog, Sophie, a Schnauzer, she used to go crazy a bite herself until bleeding. We had to be constantly watching her. I researched the internet for two years and basically tried everything: from using the best air filters, allergenic laundry detergent, hypoallergenic food, you name it, we tried. For almost two years she wore the lycra body suit from K9 Top Coat. It wasn’t until Apoquel came along that we got the battle under control. It has been over two years now since has she has been taking Apoquel. When we first started it, she took one pill a day for two weeks. Her fur grew back and she was back to normal life. After that, I decided to give her only half a pill a day. I usually give it to her first thing in the morning on empty stomach, at least half hour before she eats anything.

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