Dog Allergy Symptom #3. Gas.

For the first two years of Elsie’s life, our family and extended family had several good laughs about our farting dog.  She farted, tooted, squeaked – you name it.  My husband and I were used to it, but it would get a bit embarrassing during holidays or visits from friends.  I always tried to keep a candle going after dinner, in attempts to mask the suspicious odor that would come from her direction.  Inevitably someone would say “Oh, Elsie!” and the room would clear out. Poor smelly dog.

I remember thinking that maybe it was a boxer thing. My family never had boxers growing up. I read once that boxers tend to have digestive issues, so I just wrote it off as a breed problem. When we finally switched her to the right diet, the gas almost completely went away. Thankfully for her, and us, all we live with now is an occasional toot.

If your dog has excessive gas, he or she may have a food or environmental allergy.  Although farting can be humorous, excessive gas is often a sign of a more serious digestive problem and should be checked by your veterinarian.