Dog Allergy Symptom #5. Bacterial Skin Infections & Skin Bumps

Ahh, the dreaded Dog Cone Collar. A necessity when your pup won't stop licking open sores.

Unlike humans, who display allergy symptoms through watery eyes and sneezing, dogs often show their allergy symptoms through their skin.  In his book “Pet Allergies“, Alfred J. Plechner, DVM refers to a dog’s skin as the “external spokesman for internal affairs.”  Reoccurring skin problems are often signs that your dog is suffering from more serious food or environmental allergies.

Unfortunately, dogs do not understand how bacterial infections are spread.  When dogs have a skin infection, they are usually pretty uncomfortable.  The only way they know to “treat” the problem is to lick and chew where it hurts.  They do not realize that their constant licking, biting and chewing can introduce and spread bacteria – which often leads to more infections.

If you notice red bumps on your dog’s belly, chin, ears, feet or other areas, you should visit your vet.  These skin bumps may be staph or other serious bacterial infections and should be treated. Most veterinarians will recommend antibiotics to treat the infection.

If your dog has frequent infections, you should press your veterinarian to find out what the real cause is.  Antibiotics may treat the problem in the short term, but unless you treat the cause, you will likely find your dog in the same predicament in the very near future.