Dog Allergy Stories. Opal the Shar Pei.

Opal the Shar Pei

Opal is a five year old purebred Shar Pei and a champion show dog.  She is one of the top dogs of her breed in the country and also a wonderful family pet. Opal’s owner Sarah inherited Opal after she retired.  Opal lives in the same home as Bailey, another of our featured allergy dogs.  

Sarah says Opal never showed signs of allergies until she moved from her kennel into Sarah’s house.  Sarah isn’t certain what the cause of Opal’s allergies is, but she does know that her symptoms started after she moved indoors.  Sarah first discovered that Opal might have allergies when she started scratching her skin until it started to bleed. Opal also suffered from hair loss.

“Even top quality dogs from great breeding can have allergies,” said Sarah.  “The key for owners is to find a way to make their dog comfortable.”

Opal and Bailey - Allergy Dogs

When Opal shows signs of allergies, Sarah has found that giving her a Benadryl once a day does the trick. She’ll give Opal two per day if her allergies are particularly bothersome.  The Benadryl keeps Opal comfortable and stops the itching.

Allergies aren’t keeping Opal down.  Sarah plans to enter Opal in Rally and Obedience next year. Go Opal!

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1 thought on “Dog Allergy Stories. Opal the Shar Pei.

  1. We got our new Bear Coat Shar Pei from a top breeder of champion dogs. He’s a sweetie. His eyes were droopy and oozing when we bought him, but we fell in love with the little guy. Theres not much fur around his eyes and he scratches a lot since we first saw him and stil a little.
    Upon our arrival in a different state we started him on 1/2 a Benadryl a day. His eyes are pretty good and they’re not drooping so much now. We bath him every couple of weeks at home. He’s comfortable happy and seems fine. I gently wipe his “sleepy eyes” in the mornings so he sees good.
    The problem….. having had a dog of some kind, including 2 other Shar Peis, our entire life 69 years now I find I’m allergic to this cutie! If I hug him, or pet him or let him lay on his blanket near our bed I cough and cough AND cough uncontrollably! Which brings big urine leaks for me! We cleaned thoroughly1/2 of our house and it seemed to help for a minute. We left town for 10 days without him and I still coughed and coughed the entire time gone. I’m going in for allergy testing in 2 weeks. After receiving/taking 7 prescriptions from an ear nose and throat doc over the last few weeks trying to stop the hoarse constant cough. Anyone have any ideas? SharPeis are so slobbery and then too messy drinking water. Hard to keep his germs away. My skin tingles a little since we got him also.
    Its simply not possible to pull up all the carpet or take down fabric window covers,. Our house is 5000 sq. Ft. Ever heard of suddenly getting dog allergies? I was itchy being around a Brush Coat 11 years ago for a few hours , but this is a Bear Coat

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