Dog Allergy Treatments. Wipe Their Paws.

Like people, many dogs are allergic to pollens and grasses.  If your dog spends any time outside, it will inevitably bring these allergens inside with them – on their feet. 

If you suspect that your dog may have allergies, you’ll want to prevent these allergens from bothering your dog’s skin by wiping down their feet when the come inside.  The easiest thing to do is have clean rags or paper towels and a water bottle by your door.  When your dog comes inside, dampen the cloth with the water and wipe your dog’s paws.  Be sure to clean the tops and bottoms of their feet and try to get in between their toes.

Regular paw wiping has three big benefits:

  1. You’ll remove these irritating allergens from your dog’s skin.
  2.  You’ll minimize the amount of allergens your dog may ingest if they regularly lick their paws.
  3. You’ll prevent these allergens from drifting throughout your home and affecting other pets and family members.

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