Dog Allergy Treatments. Use Dust Mite Covers on Bedding.

Dust mite covers for dog allergiesIn a previous post, I discussed how dust mites can cause allergies in humans and pets.  Since these microscopic creatures feed off of dead skin cells, they are most often found in bedding, furniture and carpeting.  This makes your bedroom a popular hangout for dust mites.  If your dog sleeps in or near your bed, dust mites could be contributing to their allergy problems.

An easy way to prevent dust mites in your bedroom is using dust mite covers on your mattresses and pillows.  These special dust mite covers or encasings are designed to prevent dust mites from entering your mattress or pillows.  Dust mites that already exist will die off.

Our dog Elsie sleeps on the floor of our bedroom.  Once I learned about the potential problems with bedroom dust mites, we started using dust mite covers on our mattresses and pillows.  Since we did this along with several other steps to prevent indoor allergens, it is hard to say if this effort alone helped with Elsie’s allergies.  My husband said that after we started using the dust mite covers, he felt more refreshed and less stuffy when he woke up in the mornings.  So, I say it was a good move for all of us.

There are several kinds and qualities of dust mite covers available on the market.  The key is to make sure that you cover all mattresses, box springs and pillows.  Just covering your mattress is not enough. You must also be sure that the covers you purchase are designed to prevent dust mites – basic mattress and pillow covers will not help.  Dust mite covers have a special weave that eliminates the chance that these tiny creatures will enter your bedding. You can purchase dust mite covers from specialty allergy stores online or even from stores like Target and Wal-Mart.

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