Outdoor Molds on Fall Leaves Can Bring On Dog Allergies

The changing seasons usually bring on an allergy flare-up for our boxer Elsie. The Fall flare-up is most often brought on by increasing outdoor molds. Those pretty fall leaves pile up, get wet and breed molds. Even if we rake up every last leaf in our yard, it won’t prevent molds from other yards to bother her. I just make sure to wipe her feet when she comes in from outside and to give her regular baths. And, of course, her allergy shots keep the flare-ups from getting too problematic.

I found this cool mold map on Weather.com.  Here is what the mold spores situation looks like today in the U.S..  Visit the Weather.com mold spores map to see the latest update:

weather.com mold spores map
Mold Spores Map from Weather.com

2 thoughts on “Outdoor Molds on Fall Leaves Can Bring On Dog Allergies

  1. Our 13 yr old Yorkie/Lasa started coughing while in snow country over Christmas. At first it was a dry cough that got progressively worse like up to 14 hacks per cough. Sounded like the honking sound mentioned in Kennel Cough & collapsing trachea. Vet gave antibiotic, baytril & cough suppressant. Cough started becoming productive & down to around 5 hacks per cough. #of coughing spells can go on for 5 mins! Trying to sleep for us all is frustrating. I first thought of allergies when I noticed that he does NOT cough outside while tending to his business but starts soon after coming inside!

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